What to Expect from Experienced Corporate Photographers

Corporate photography can be a great way to promote a company’s brand and set the visual tone for their identity. Professional portraits, event photos, product images, and headshots of company staff are the most common kinds of images used for corporate photography. These images are used on social media and websites for stationery, brochures, annual reports, as well as advertising/marketing materials. They speak volumes to clients and investors about the company’s culture and staff.

What Experienced Photographers can Do

Experienced corporate photographers approach a corporate photo with good precision and execution. They can do their job at the highest level of the shoot day with a schedule prepared in advance. Taking employees away from work is costly for companies so corporate photographers need to respect the set timetables. As a corporate photographer takes your corporate portraits, they need to understand your photo requirements, culture, and aesthetic style.

Shooting Corporate Headshots

Reputable corporate photographers have a set of lighting setups and pose they use. Below are some of the important considerations to get the best results out of a corporate portrait:

  • Posture. Body language for corporate photography should convey assertiveness, self-control, confidence, and authority. Subjects are usually company executives who must draw out such qualities during the shoot. The best corporate photographer encourages the subject to stand or sit tall and clasp their hands firmly together. Also, they will consider whether the posture of the subject is tilted forward or backward.

  • Lighting. Experienced corporate photographers are familiar with their lighting setups and the various effects they can achieve with them. They know exactly the qualities of their light. They may make slight adjustments to their lighting in between subjects based on the latter’s skin tones. They will not shoot pure white spots on the skin that result from lights being too intense or strong. Most of them will consider using a softbox when the light source is close to the subject.
  • Reflections and shadows. The best corporate photographers take image reflections seriously and know the best angles to position their strobes to take away glare and still get good lighting. They know that a lot of businesspeople wear glasses, so they will make proper adjustments quickly. Also, they pay attention to the shadows created when one of the subjects in a group photo is standing in front of another. They may need to space out the subjects apart or change the flashes’ angles.

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