It Doesn’t Matter If You Seem Too Slow in a Photography Class

You decided to join a photography course because you wanted to improve your skills. Always remember this idea since you might lose sight of the goal. Whether you do well at first or not, it does not matter. You entered the class because you wanted to learn, and not to prove that you are already great. If you are, you won’t have any motivation to learn from others.

It is not a competition

You might feel like you are in high school again where you sit in a class with other students like you. It is easy for you to fall for the idea that you need to do your best. You are competing with other budding photographers like you, and you need to win. But it is not the avenue to compete with others. They are all learning like you. If your goal is to outdo the others, you will most likely fail. You might even focus so much on competing that you realise that you did not learn anything in the end.

Your teachers will guide you

It is also crucial to realise that your teachers will be there to help you improve. Their goal is to guide you to be better at what you are doing. Yes, they will judge your output, but the goal is to tell you how you can improve. Don’t feel pressured by the idea that you need to show the best pictures all the time. Your teacher will understand if there are things you don’t quite understand yet. You will have the time to fix your mistakes.

No one else thinks like you

The reason why you might feel that you are too slow is that you set the standard yourself. No one else is telling you the same thing. You need to learn at your own pace, and everyone else won’t care about it. They are also too busy figuring things out to even think about where you are in the learning process. Your teacher might approach you if you are falling behind, but only because your teacher wants to help you.

Practise at home

If you feel like you don’t grasp the topics that are essential to improve your photography skills, you need to practise at home. Take your time to redo everything that you did during the class. You can also ask your teacher to give you extra homework like you did when you were in high school. The additional tasks will help you continue honing your skills.

Don’t be afraid of criticism

It does not matter if you receive negative comments or even if your classmates laugh at your output. Learning is a process, and you are going through that process now. You can’t let these things prevent you from doing a great job.

You can type the phrase “photography courses near me” in your browser to find the best place where you can further improve your skills. Keep in mind that you are still a beginner and you will want to learn more later.


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