Avoid These Mistakes While Designing A Niche Photography Website!

Are you a photographer looking for online exposure? Well, you must have your own website. Thanks to easy access to the internet, people love following artists and photographers, and there is enough scope for every website to exist and earn money. Before you go ahead and create a website for your photography business, we recommend that you check and avoid the mistakes listed below.

#1 Selecting the wrong domain name

If this is a personal photography blog, your name can be considered as the domain, if available. You can also consider a name that represents your work. Keep in mind that you want the website to become a brand eventually, and for that, you must select a domain that’s easy to remember and promote.

#2 Opting for a cheap hosting plan

Most photography sites are heavy on visual content, and you may upload thousands of photos eventually over the next few years. Make sure this doesn’t affect the loading time. More often than not, site owners opt for cheap hosting plans, which limit both bandwidth and storage, and for a photography website, that’s a crime.

#3 Not using WordPress

WordPress remains the most reliable and loved CMS for niche sites. Photography websites built with WordPress are easy to create, and you can find thousands of ready templates, both free and paid. You can also manage your website a lot better. In case you are still interested in other choices, we recommend either Wix or Weebly.

#4 Not using plug-ins

You have a plethora of plug-ins for WordPress, which can be considered for photography sites. Yoast, for instance, is great for basic SEO and is free for use (does have a paid version too), and then you can also use plug-ins for social media integration.

#5 Using an extended theme

Parallax websites are in for sure, but avoid going for a theme that extends endlessly. People prefer organized photography sites, which have clear categories, and that makes browsing a lot more comfortable experience. The design of a template should add to the photography work you do, instead of hogging the spotlight.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of not have a ‘contact us’ page. Your website is the touchdown point for your consumers, and they should be able to book photography services or at least contact you directly through the portal. You can check a few competitor sites to know more on how they are doing it right!

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