6 Daily Objects You Can Use for Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a vast industry, loaded with photographers who specialize in capturing the best photos of the babies. Certainly, costuming is an important aspect of that, particularly for Annie Kinser Photography. We specialize in capturing photos of babies in outfits of creatures and fairytales. It is quite possible to shoot beautiful photos of babies on a budget with easily available household items as props. Here is how.

  1. Towels for comfort

Many photographers love to use various types of nests and other props to pose the newborns. But, sometimes it might be a bit uncomfortable for the babies. In order to line the nests comfortably, you can use towels as a support for the foundation. Cover them with enticing layers for different looks. You can even try making the baby’s arms or legs go flying, so that she doesn’t touch the nest and it won’t scratch them. Ensure that all the surfaces are covered that are touched by the babies.

  1. Buckets and baskets for decor

Master the newborn trade photography by this very tip. Carry your filler, props and other necessary stuff in vessels in which you can also pose the babies in. In this way, you will also bring less stuff to a shoot and you will also have something cute to shoot the subject in. just a word of caution to not use Tupperware containers, bring something that can be used as a prop.

  1. Ottomans as a prop

A soft and flat piece of daily furniture can be easily used into a stable bed for the baby. Just bring along a safe and clean cloth to drape over it.

  1. Draft stoppers

Newborn photography is all about making the subject comfortable and safely propped up. In other words, almost any kind of padding used should be clean and made of safe material that can help you get the right pose. Use the tubes of the stuffed fabric that can be used to stop a draft from coming in under a door.

  1. Scarves or cowl for decor

Another great tip for newborn photography is using a cowl or an infinity scarf which you can wrap tightly around over any type of padding. The materials arranged in a circle helps in creating a smooth look for the basket or nest lining, however is also customizable and can be easily swapped out for cleaning.

  1. Heating pads for warmth

The newborn babies are the most calm when they are kept warm. You can also hide a heating pad underneath the blanket or any other surface where the newborn baby is posing on. In this way, the baby can be kept warm with no need of heating the entire studio or our parents’ home, which can be costly and make it hard to work for you.

If you want to learn more about creating a safe environment for the newborn babies when it comes to newborn photography, visit our website and book an appointment with us today.

Author Bio :- Annie Kinser is a newborn photographer in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. She also specializes in family, and milestone photos.

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